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Tom Kennedy - 

Tom has been in the industry since 1976. He has handled domestic and international HHG moves, military and GSA, O&I, rigging, 3rd party service, disaster relief, high end furniture consolidation and delivery, interior decorator consolidation and delivery, hotel renovation consolidation and delivery, nursing home and assisted living consolidation and delivery, trade show, special commodities, record storage, climate controlled storage for artwork and electronics, vehicle relocation, boat relocation, library, and museum piece relocation.

“What elevates me above my competition is my desire and need to complete a job safely, on time, and with a satisfied customer each and every move.”

Andrew Quinn - 

Andrew began his 40 year career in the moving industry as summer help while attending school.  He spent his first few years as operations manager, warehouse manager for other existing moving companies. He eventually went on to own and manage his own international moving company along with his father Andy Sr. He is still involved with that venture over 30 years since it began.

“I believe every move is a personal experience. Every client deserves to be treated as a VIP.”

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